This is my bike adventure. A blog dedicatedto me, my bike and our journey in search of adventure, tasty craft beer and a good brew.

Ever since I can remember I have ben having fun riding bikes and trying tricks which more often than not resulted in bumps and bruises. As I got older less time was spent enjoying the ride and my bike was only used during in the summer months for commuting and the occasional day trip. As a kid my bike was my permanent companion. I remember the sense of freedom and happiness you get from being out on a bike, these feelings came rushing back when my husband and I want on a biking trip in Hawaii. We got kitted up with gear and a downhill bike watched the sunrise from the top of a volcano before biking down to the beach. The adrenaline was running high and I was instantly hooked, I felt like a kid againand this was the the beginning of  @mybikeadventure Then came the struggle of living in a city and riding a mountain bike. This meant long days in the saddle and the discovery of craft beer… life is good!


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