Flyup 417 Bike Park – Love it!

After an epic Specialised women's coaching day with Katy Curd and Helen Gaskell at Flyup 417 Bike Park I stayed over in Gloucester and went back the next day for round 2 with the other half. Being a Monday is was quiet with 6 of us having the trails to ourselves and making the most... Continue Reading →

Katy Curd & Helen Gaskell womens Mtb coaching day – Pure awesomeness!!

WOW!! Free coaching they said, at Flyup 417 bike park, with Helen Gaskell and Katy Curd they said... pfft! Amazing opportunity for 24 lucky ladies, never will I get a place, I thought but went ahead and registered anyway. A few months later having a bit of a crappy week and totally forgetting that I... Continue Reading →

Our Malvern Adventure

Waking up full of excitement for the weekend ahead, our rucksacks packed and our bikes all cleaned we were ready to go, all set for a proper overnight mountain bike adventure. A 10 min ride along the canal from Bournville to University station then it was just a quick direct train to Malvern. In just under an hour... Continue Reading →

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